Zawada NDT

Suppliers of
instruments to test steel wire ropes in-situ,
using magnetic, non-destructive method

As one of the world's leading suppliers of unique instruments to test wire ropes, would like to introduce ourselves and our current range to you on the World Wide Web.

As you are no doubt aware, the ability to test wire ropes in-situ without dismantling the equipment concerned, not only saves time but also money. It also ensures that the equipment using the wire rope continues to perform without excess down-time and you can be certain that the ropes in use are within safety tolerances. Although there are several manufacturers of this type of inspection equipment around the world, we at Zawada NDT (formerly at Meraster S. A.) have 25 years experience in the production, sales, spare parts supply and servicing of this equipment to over 100 customers in 30 countries. We therefore understand the needs of our customers and are able to satisfy your requirements speedily, efficiently and also provide good value for money.

The technology for the magnetic testing of wire rope has been developed at AGH, the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow since 1946. For many years several manufacturers in our country develop wire rope inspection instruments basing on this technology. We supply this recognised equipment as well as recently developed models.

We continue to work closely with the specialists at the University to ensure that our instruments meet their latest technical requirements and include computer recording of data and test results. This means that when purchasing any of our instruments you can be sure that its specification is up to date and it will fulfil your needs. As training the personnel in the use of our instruments and the NDT method is also important, we have therefore arranged for training to be available at Krakow University. On site training can also be arranged if required.

As we wish to continue to meet our customers needs, we have prepared a brief questionnaire and would much appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes completing and mailing it back to us.

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